So you’ve been stuck indoors for way too long now, looking for any reason to celebrate. Sounds like perfect timing for the day of love to roll in! It’s time to get creative and make the most of it because let’s face it… a Netflix night just isn’t going to cut anymore. We’ve curated a list of some unusual yet exciting ways to celebrate while stuck in quarantine. And let’s not forget Valentine’s Day is not restricted to spending time with a significant other; we’ve learnt now more than ever, the value of the people around us, so feel free to use these ideas to engulf is a love-filled day with family members & friends!

white ceramic container on black wooden table

Charcuterie and Wine-Tasting

Any wine connoisseurs out there? While the wineries may be closed, the wine aisle is still open (phew!) Keep an eye out for tasting sets to enjoy on your Valentine’s Day night. Go the extra mile and pair it with a super trendy Charcuterie board. Part of the fun in Charcuterie boards is making them, so prep one together and ENJOY!


person holding pen and writing on paper

Paint Night

Set-up your own Paint Night at home with a few blank canvas’ and paints. There are numerous online tutorials to follow along with if you don’t feel like free-handing. If this isn't the ultimate relaxing and bonding experience, then we don't know what is!


topless man covering face with white powder

DIY Spa Night

Okay so this one may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Grab some face masks, manicure sets, essential oils, and throw in a flute of champagne. Put on some calming meditation sounds, light a few candles... and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa for an ultimate unwinding evening.


sushi on platter


Calling all sushi-lovers! While treating yourself to a sushi night may be a weekend causality, actually making the sushi… well that’s a whole different story! But believe it or not, it’s not THAT difficult. It can actually serve as a super fun little date night to create your own; simply prep a few sushi-essentials and customize your rolls to your liking.


aerial photography of of foods and plate

Indoor Picnic

Depending on where you live, you might be missing the green grass right about now (at least here in Canada we are). But who needs grass to have a picnic?  Ditch the dining table for the floor for this one. Set up a blanket with some of your favourite snacks and ENDULGE! A little change in scenery never hurt anyone…


brown wooden blocks on white and red textile

Game Night

Break out those board games you have stashed in the closet. Pair this activity with another one in the list to have a night full of fun and maybe just a little bit of friendly competition 😈.


person holding pink rose bouquet

Treasure Hunt to Your Gift

Let your inner child out for this one! Set-up a treasure hunt around the house for your significant other, ultimately leading them to their Valentine’s Day gift. Make it extra fun with clever clues and witty riddles.


man and woman standing in front of table

Virtual Cooking Class

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules can take all the fun out of cooking. Have a special night by following a cooking class for one of your favourite recipes. You can also find live cooking classes online to join for a real-time experience.

We hope that you found some inspiration in these ideas as you plan out your Quarantined Valentine's Day. One thing for sure, this will be one for the books. Don't forget to share your pictures/videos with us on Instagram ❤️ 



February 03, 2021 — Michelle Ravindran