Are you getting the most out of your hair extensions? Are you only pulling them off the shelf for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions? If so… GIRL, this one is for you! Gone are the days that we associate our hair extensions with full glam looks. They can also be worn for your more casual, everyday looks as well. And no that does not mean taking an extra thirty minutes to clip in all those wefts; there are many more simple, quick, and easy ways to incorporate your extensions in your look and we’re about to share a few of our favourites! 

Ponytail Wrap

We’re convinced that one-clip wefts were sent from the heaven above! They are so versatile and customizable. One of our favourite ways to use them is to wrap it around your ponytail to cover-up your hair tie. Simply clip the weft underneath the ponytail and wrap around hair tie until you reach the end of the hair. Secure the loose end using a bobby pin.

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Half-up, Half-down 

Wearing hair extensions does not mean your hair needs to be left down. You can most definitely incorporate them into various hairstyles like the ever so popular half up-half down look. For this one, try using the four clip weft underneath the portion of your hair that will be left down. This will give you a much more voluminous, lengthy look. If your natural hair is thinner you can use the smaller three or two clip wefts to do the same; small wefts can help to keep it hidden underneath your natural hair.

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Up-do’s (and don’ts)

We get it; tying your hair up with hair extensions can be a little intimidating and tricky at first. Of course we want to avoid the clips from making a special appearance during your night-out. BUT, try this hack… if you are going to be pulling the hair in an upward direction, you can in fact clip your hair extension’s upside down. Clip them in so that the hair itself if going upwards, which will allow you to tie it up high without any clips showing. This one is a serious life-saver!

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If you, like most women, have certain areas of the hair that are thinning, your hair extensions can be the perfect cover-up. Pull out the handy-dandy one clip or two-clip wefts and clip it in as required. For example, many women tend to notice hair thinning around the crown. Section off the hair and clip in a small weft under the crown area. Lay down your natural hair on top and tease underneath. Your extension now only adds thickness but gives the natural hair a base to sit on, creating more volume.

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Faking Layers

Looking to add a little bit more texture and depth to your hair? Your extensions are not only for volume; feel free to clip in just a few wefts to add some layers for your casual look. The trick in doing this, is to clip the extensions on a slight angle. This will create a gorgeous textured, layered look.

Layered Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

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The Healthiest Highlights

Highlight your hair while skipping out on the damage (and cost!) by using hair extensions in a  complimentary colour. We’ve had numerous customers buy hair extensions to match their current hair colour, but once it grew out they were still able to get tons of use out of their set by doing this. Clipping in a few wefts of a complimentary colour is the perfect way to fake some highlights and add extra flair to your hair!

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