Are your wedding bells ringing in the near future? Well, you've landed in the right place. As you are about to get lawfully wedded, leave it to us to save you from an awfully dreaded mistake! This one is all about that hair. Yes, the wedding may only last one night but let's not forget that the pictures last forever. So here is your guide to choosing the perfect hair extensions for your big day because that is the LAST THING that needs to go wrong! 



You can never go wrong with a classic up-do. If this is your hairstyle of choice, hair extensions are essential for creating enough length and volume for your stylist to work with. We recommend choosing a shorter length of hair extensions for this look; you may opt for either 18 inches or 20 inches. Anything longer may be difficult for your stylist to manoeuvre. 



If you want that hair to stand out on your big day, long loose waves may be perfect for you. To get perfect, cascading waves we recommend hair extensions at a length of either 20 inches or 22 inches. The only exception to this, is if your hair is naturally longer than 20-22 inches; in which case you will want to get hair extensions that match your natural length. PRO TIP: when measuring the length of your hair, measure from the middle of your ear to the bottom of your hair. You will use this length to determine whether you should go longer than 20-22 inches.



To keep things simple for you, this classy, beautiful style follows the same rules as Loose Waves. Our recommendation is 20 inches to 22 inches; unless your natural hair measures longer than 22 inches in which you will choose a length the same as your natural hair.  




Easily one of the most stunning and popular styles that we have seen is the braid! Both tousled and traditional braids will follow the same guide when choosing hair extensions. Our recommendation is between 22 inches to 26 inches. If your natural hair is longer than 22 inches (measured from middle of ear to end of hair) then you will want to ensure you choose a length that is at least the length of your hair. However, if your natural hair is shorter than 22 inches, you can go for any length in between depending on your desired look. 




Create a show-stopping ponytail using our ponytail extension; clip n' curl! Not only is this a simpler style to achieve with one simple clipped in piece, but it is also more light-weight and offers maximum comfort for what might be a long day. Once you've found your desired hairstyle, we recommend reaching out to your hair stylist to see whether a clip-in ponytail is more suitable for you. 

VOLUME : How do I know what volume to choose?

We offer hair extensions varying from 220 grams to 280 grams; so which ones do you choose? If you are looking to add more than 4 inches to your natural hair then you will need our 280 gram set. Reminder: measure from the middle of your ear to the ends of your hair. For example, if your natural hair (from middle of ear to ends) measures 18 inches, and for your wedding look you want it to be 24 inches, you will choose our 280 grams set because you are looking to add more than 4 inches. 

If you are not looking to add more than 4 inches to your natural hair you may opt for any volume between 220g to 260g based on your desired look; the more grams, the more volume! 


So to our brides-to-be, we hope this guide finds you well as you write your #weddingdiaries. Stay tuned to our socials for major wedding inspo and bridal looks that you don't want to miss! And don't forget to tag us with your #bridalhair; we are so excited to be a part of your big day!

April 04, 2021 — Michelle Ravindran