Fashion without commitment 
Want a quick and easy way to change up your hairstyle and transform your look? We've got you covered! 
Cutting your bangs is fun, until they start growing out, then you hit this awkward phase where you don’t quite know how to style your hair. The best way to maintain bangs is to get them trimmed on a regular basis. But why do that when we have a simpler option? 
Our faux human hair clip-in bangs are a great option when attempting that new hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of. Clip in bangs give you the versatility to achieve virtually any desired look without the commitment of cutting your hair. Our faux clip-in bangs are simple to put on and remove at the end of the day. They are made of 100% human hair so you can style them and apply heat to them as you wish. We do however recommend you use a heat protectant spray as you would with your own hair. 
Our 100% human hair clip in bangs comes with clips that secure to your hair. This helps keep the bangs in place and allows for easy blending. Since everyone’s head size is different, we recommend you adjust your bangs by trimming them to the length you’d like. 
Ease of application 
Before applying the bangs, you want to style your hair as desired. If you want the faux bangs with a ponytail, tie your hair up first. If you want it with a center part, part and style your hair first. Next, make sure to comb out the bangs before clipping it in. Start by sliding the human hair bangs to the crown of your head. Clip them to your hair and ensure that you have gripped enough hair to the clips. Finally, brush and/or blend the bangs. 
Few things to remember 
  • If your bangs aren’t an exact colour match, you can dye them darker to match your own hair. You will want a close colour match to ensure it blends naturally. If you need help with colour matching, please email us a picture of your hair in natural sunlight and our team will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • When cutting your bangs to your desired length, point the scissors vertically to cut the ends to give a textured look.
  • Run your fingers through the faux bangs and use a hairbrush to blend in the bangs with your own hair

January 24, 2022 — Ramya N