You Deserve The Best Hair Extensions

Achieving long, voluminous hair without split ends takes time and requires a lot of work. For those who want to achieve the look in a much simpler way, extensions are a great solution. Hair extensions are incredibly popular as they can be used to instantly increase the thickness and volume of one’s natural hair.

With their popularity, you’ll find that there is a wide selection of hair extension products to choose from. If you want the best results, 100%human hair extensions are the way to go. Keep reading to find out why it's worth investing in our line of 100% human hair extensions from The Extension Bar.


Woman with brown, flowing hair

Looks and Feels More Natural

Our 100% human hair extensions look and feel like natural hair. Well, that's because they are crafted with real human hair! These simply are the best hair extension type available because they are designed to naturally blend with your own hair, they are thick from root to tip and holds curls for long periods of time. Compared to synthetic hair extensions that feel brittle and fake, human hair extensions feel soft, silky, and natural.


Woman with blonde hair and braids


More Versatile

100% Human hair extensions are incredibly versatile and allow you to create dozens of different hairstyles that are impossible to pull off using synthetic hair extensions or even your natural hair. Synthetic hair can’t take heat which makes it harder to style - you are often limited in what hairstyles you can create due to length and thickness. With human hair extensions, you’ll finally be able to achieve hairstyles that you have always wanted to pull off from boho braids to cute, messy buns. Check out our social media platforms for more pictures of some of the hairstyles our clients have achieved using our extensions.


Woman with black, wavy hair


Last Longer

Not many hair extensions products can outperform human hair extensions. Dying, applying heat, curling, or straightening synthetic hair extensions can be difficult. Often this can dry out and damage the hair decreasing its longevity. With, 100% human hair extensions, you can rest assured that even with styling, applying heat, dye and other hair products, they will still last much longer. We still recommend using heat protectant spray to improve the longevity of the hair. 


Woman with long, brown hair


Easier To Maintain

With 100% human hair extensions, daily maintenance is similar to your own hair. There really isn’t any additional care required (other than how you store them)! 100% human hair extensions can be washed, blow-dried, flat ironed, or curled using hot tools just as your natural hair. We recommend using a heat protectant spray just as you should for your own hair.

When investing in hair extensions, you could purchase synthetic extensions however you’ll be restricted in how you can style it and it likely won’t last very long. If you use extensions often, it may be worth your money to invest in a good set of 100% human hair extensions from The Extension Bar. Check out our reviews and see what other clients like yourself have to say about the quality and value for money. We specialize in premium quality 100% human hair extensions.

November 18, 2021 — Michelle Ravindran