It’s that time of the year… love is in the hair. We know we’re hair-larious. It’s that time of year. Cupid’s flying, heart everywhere. We thought we could share some cute hairstyles to rock on Valentine’s Day… or any day really. These hairstyles can be done with or without TEB products & we’re here for it.

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Hairstyle One:

Easy curls! Probably one of our go-to and most shown hairstyles with our extensions. Our favourite way to curl our hair is by using a curling rod, but some use straighteners too! Clip in our extensions and boom you’ve got that extra volume and length! 

Super versatile, you could even add our mulberry silk headbands or a dazzling hair accessory for that extra umph!


Hairstyle Two:

Super easy to do, and the perfect hairstyle for a chill Valentine’s Day at home. Pretty straightforward, just create a loose messy bun either on the top or a low bun like shown on the right. We like to leave some strands out in the front to give in that romantic and effortless look.

Add in our scrunchie buns to have a fluffier and thicker bun. We all want it, so what better way to grab one now!



Hairstyle Three:

The trending bubble ponytail. To create this ponytail, make sure to have a few hairbands handy… specifically those small mini elastics that camouflage right into your hair. It helps provide a sleek look like the photo on the left. Then, tie them on every inch of your ponytail and fluff it out for more volume. & ta daaa! 

We would highly recommend our clip in ponytail for this look! It clips right on and provides the perfect length and volume for this easy hairstyle!


Hairstyle Four:

Half up, half down with a trendy twist. We’ve seen this hairstyle incorporated into daily looks, engagement shoots and even mehndi/henna parties. This one is a little tricky. Split your hair in half, and tie the top half up like normal! Then take a small piece from that half and spin it around the hair tie to hide it. Make sure you bobby pin it into place to secure the strand.

To add more flair, clip in our extensions leaving the middle section clear for parting. You could even use a one-clip for the invisible hair strand hair tie!

January 20, 2023 — Michelle Ravindran