One of our favourite parts of what we do, is seeing the satisfaction and delight of clients who have finally invested in their first hair topper. We understand that making the decision to purchase your first hair topper requires thought and deliberation; but we are here to assist you every step of the way! While you may tend to associate toppers as a solution to hair loss or hair thinning, there are a wide range of benefits that can be favourable for those who are not experiencing such conditions as well. So let's review a few of our favourite things about this hair solution, and how it can benefit you! 

Cover-up : To start with the obvious; hair toppers are the perfect way to cover-up hair loss and bald spots. In the case of hair thinning throughout the head, they provide volume for an overall gorgeous, thicker look. This opens up the possibility to create new hair looks and experiment with your styling. A benefit of hair toppers that is often overlooked, is quick and convenient root coverage if you prefer to disguise graying hair. Skip the dye and simply pop on a hair topper for a fresh out of the salon look!

Light-weight : Many people opt for a hair topper because of it’s lightweight and comfortable fit in comparison to a wig or hair extensions. While toppers vary in many ranges of volume, even a high-volume topper serves as a light and comfortable solution, especially in comparison to a full wig. Considering this characteristic, toppers are the best way to create a more natural look. Customize your topper or choose a low-volume option for a seamless blend that will have people asking how your hair grew overnight!

Simple to Style : Toppers are very simple to style! Pop it on in just minutes when getting ready in the morning. Since hair toppers are crafted to seamlessly blend with your natural hair, you do not have to worry about using a wig cap or any additional steps asides from a simple clip-n’-go. You are able to using heat-styling tools for curls, waves, and so much more.

Customizable & Personalized : Find a hair topper that has been made just for you! Not only do hair toppers come in a wide range of textures, colours, volumes, and lengths but you can further alter your topper to make it the perfect fit for you. Cut and dye your hair topper to match your natural hair and achieve your desired look though it is recommended that you visit a hairstylist to ensure this is done correctly.

Health of Hair : Using a topper can protect your natural hair, in turn encouraging growth. This benefit is often appreciated by our customers who are and are not experiencing hair loss. Since the topper sits on top of your head, it reduces any possible tugging or pulling of your natural hair. Carefully designed caps are made of silk, lace, and other light-weight material for a breathable solution to give your natural scalp some well-deserved rest. 

And last but never least, feel confident! With the natural look of hair toppers, many men and women have been able to regain their confidence by truly feeling like themselves again! We understand that it is not JUST hair... your topper rebuilds your excitement to get up & get ready in the morning. 

Visit our hair topper collection to find one that is perfect for you! Not sure which one to choose? Take our quiz to help you find the right solution. For any further inquires, feel free to email us at! 

May 16, 2021 — Michelle Ravindran