Have you heard? We’ve released our new South Asian Hair Accessories which include 3 new items: The Jasmine Scrunchie, The Beaded Jasmine Garland, and the Jasmine Garland. In this month’s blog post, we’re going to be talking about some of the hairstyles you can create with our three new items and how you can style them flawlessly for your next cultural event!

The Jasmine Scrunchie:

One of our easiest items to use! It’s literally a scrunchie. The best part about it is that it smells like real jasmine. You can use it multiple times with the ease of using it as a hair tie. This scrunchie is perfect for all the beginners who want to experiment with new hairstyles but don’t know how to.  

You can literally put it at the top of a ponytail, at the end of a braid or use it to hold a bun together! You could also use it as a Gajra which is a floral hand piece. 

Here are some looks you can replicate with the scrunchie:


The Beaded Jasmine Garland:

This one is great for all those who love to put their hair up in a bun! It’s perfect for traditional saree looks and looks great adorned with real florals for a pop of color! It’s one piece and has two loops on the end to secure it into the hairstyle.

Usually worn below the bun, some people put it on top as well, or use two pieces to create a whole circle.


The Jasmine Garland:

Our most versatile accessory ever! There are countless of ways to style it and it’s so easy to use! It’s also very similar to the traditional jasmine garland, but you don’t have to worry about it welting or falling part. It also smells like jasmine, which we think is amazing as it would still feel and smell like you’re wearing a garland but also have the chance of reusing it multiple times!

Want to use it for a ponytail? A tousled braid? A bun? Half up half down? A traditional braid? You name it!



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02 mars, 2023 — Michelle Ravindran