Natural Black Hair Topper - Medium Volume 5x5 Base


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Natural Black, Straight, Medium Volume (120%), 5x5 Base, available in 14" and 16"

This Hair Topper provides a medium/natural amount of volume to your hair. The 5x5 Base is the medium base size, intended for those who may be in the progressive stages of hair loss, or experiencing significant thinning.

If you are unsure which Hair Topper is most suitable for you please take our Hair Topper Questionnaire or book an online consultation. 

Our Hair Toppers are crafted with 100% European Remy Human Hair with cuticles intact. Each topper is hand tied for a perfect finish. The silk base provides a very natural scalp like finish look. 

Your Hair Topper can be re-dyed and styled to match your hair. We highly recommend visiting a stylist to alter your Hair Topper, to ensure this is done in a healthy and precise manner. We also recommend you have your topper cut and blended in with your own hair for an even more seamless finish.

If you are experiencing moderate to severe hair loss, the recommended base size will be slightly larger than the area of hair loss as the clips must grip onto your hair.

Length is measured from the top of your head. The length of your Hair Topper may be slightly longer than specified to allow room for trimming and styling.


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